C-Art - Cumbrian Artists Open Studios


C-Art Festival: 8-17 September 2017


C-Art festival is Cumbria’s award-winning contemporary arts festival. Featuring, exhibitions, special events, installations, open studios, an artists directory, and more, it's a must-see for all art lovers!

C-Art is an open space platform for all artists to join in and show their work, whether they are new and emerging or traditional. This platform includes selected and curated work at events like the C-Art Cumbrian Artist of the Year Exhibition at Rheged, alongside artist created innovations in the Art in Extraordinary Places programme and the Open Studios.

“Once again my wife and I were so impressed by the organisation. I just wish we could have visited more studios. Everyone we met was delightful – such enthusiasm! C-Art is a wonderful event”. 
Visitor Feedback

Co-ordinated by Eden Arts, C-Art promotes and celebrates Cumbria’s rich creative talent, inviting visitors to step into the gallery to buy art, explore the landscape, and to meet the artists for themselves. In 2017, the C-Art Festival will focus on bringing more contemporary art and performance to Cumbria, forging national and international relationships, and promoting contemporary Cumbrian arts events throughout the 10-day festival. C-Art won the Tourism Event of the Year Award from Cumbria Tourism in 2014 and continues to grow each year.

For more information please see their website at www.c-art.org.uk

You can take visit this event from any of our Lake District cottages.