Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Last Updated 20 May 2020

We’re devastated about the current crisis going on across the world and the huge impact that this is having on everyone.  

The Government has ordered everybody to stay at home and only essential travel is allowed.  If you have booked a cottage with us below are some answers to questions we’re being asked:

1. What happens if my booking falls during lockdown dates?

If you need to cancel your booking because it falls during the current lockdown period, we can transfer your booking to new dates. If you're unable to transfer we'll give you a refund. 

If you can take a transfer instead of a refund that really helps to keep us all going - the cottage itself, the people who clean the cottage, anyone involved in maintenance of it and all of us here too.  We do understand though that this isn't always possible.  

2.  What happens if I make a booking and then the Government restrictions are extended so I can't come? 

At the moment you can make a booking online for dates after 3 July.  If you go ahead with making the booking and the official government lockdown is extended to cover the dates of your stay, then you will be able to transfer your booking or receive a refund.  The only thing to be aware of is that the £15 booking fee is to cover the costs of actually making the booking and as such the booking fee isn't refundable, even if you subsequently need to cancel due to Covid-19.  

3.  What should I do if my holiday is outside the official lockdown period?

At the moment we're contacting everyone who is due to stay up to the end of June to make sure that we've sorted people with more immediate bookings first. 

We are contacting everyone due in the next few weeks first.  If you have booked for 3 July or later, we will need to wait and see what restrictions are in place for then.

4.  I've paid a deposit for a holiday cottage.  Will you still take the balance automatically six weeks beforehand? 

We have temporarily switched off the automatic payments of remaining balances until we know how long the lockdown is going to last.  You don't need to pay your balance until we know what's happening.  We will then get in touch with you to let you know it is due.  

5.  How do I get in contact with you? 

We are all working from home at the moment so we cannot answer phone calls. The best way to get in touch with us is via email  We’re working our way through every email we receive but we’re getting a lot at the moment so don't worry if it takes longer than usual to get back to you. 

6.  Why can't I phone you? 

The reason we can’t answer phone calls is because we would have to transfer the phone through to one person’s mobile and it would not be practical for one person to answer everything. We’ve asked BT if they can help us with this but they, quite rightly, are focussing on helping businesses who have front line staff first.

I know that doesn’t give everyone the answers that they want, and I am gutted about this. We’ll continue to monitor what’s happening and do the very best that we can in this unprecedented situation.

We’re an independent local business of just 22 people.  Lots of different people rely on us and trust us to look after them – whether it’s visitors, cottage owners, suppliers, cleaners or the staff at Sally’s Cottages - and we're doing our absolute best to do everything we can to make sure everything gets done.  

We’ve always prided ourselves on our honesty and integrity and during these exceptionally difficult times we’re trying to make the right decisions for everybody involved with Sally’s Cottages so that when Covid-19 has cleared up, things can get back to normal.