What other cottage owners say about us

"Sally’s Cottages has always been there to provide positive help and support. From advice during purchasing to taking bookings and marketing, they are very good at what they do." David

"We made the decision to ask Sally’s Cottages to look after our newly renovated holiday cottage fairly quickly, having considered several companies. We immediately felt comfortable and relaxed with all the staff in the office and were given good advice and support on how to get the greatest number of bookings. At the same time, we never felt that we were losing control of something we had worked so hard on. We would have no qualms whatsoever in recommending Sally’s Cottages to anyone who was looking to go into the holiday cottage business." Andrew & Catherine

"I am so very happy to be part of Sally’s Cottages. Your website stands out a mile from many of the others out there and I would not want to be anywhere else. I feel very lucky and your team at the office are just great. I am quite sure that potential visitors will feel the same and that they will feel confident and happy when booking through you." Susan

"Thank you all for your excellent care and attention whilst we have rented our cottage through Sally’s. The service has been amazing and the staff are exceptional; professional but retaining a genuine niceness." Ann & Brian

Mike - always happy to come and see you!

Mike - always happy to come and see you!


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