Sally's new office has a great view!


We decided to take our business to new heights this week by moving to the top of Blencathra to encourage Brits to get outside this summer. 

The team transporting the office up the fellside

Our team were fed up with looking at the lovely weather from inside our Keswick building, so we packed up and re-located our office equipment up the 2,850ft-high mountain. Desks, phones, lamps and computers were set up and staff settled in for business as usual.

A sheep checks out the office at the top of Blencathra

We hope our recent office move to this rather unlikely location will help promote the natural beauty of the Lake District and will inspire others to go out and experience it. 

Blencathra is one of the Lakes most treasured mountains and has recently been at the centre of media attention after being put up for sale by its owner for £1.75 million. It made sense for us to show the landmark in all its glory – sheep and all – and make the bold move to take our office there for the day.

Sally Fielding beside her desk in the clouds, on top of Blencathra

We hope that our temporary office relocation will show all the free fun adventures that are on offer in Britain and will reconnect families with the wonders of the outdoors.

Just being outside has a number of health benefits. It reduces our stress levels, enhances our learning and creativity skills and can increase our attentiveness.

View of the ridge and fell with the desk on top

Want to know how we did it? Take a look at Sally's guide to carrying a desk up a mountain: