Majestic Wasdale Head


Difficult as it may seem, living and working in the Lake District means we sometimes forget quite how wonderful our scenery is and the dramatic impact it has for people seeing something for the first time. We look at our Lake District cottages every day and it is easy to take for granted the spectacular locations.

Sometimes all it takes is a really good photo for you to say WOW and that rush of excitement of seeing your first mountain rushes back. For me, it was a photo of Wasdale Head that one of our photographers has taken during a cottage shoot in the valley.

Wasdale Head in the Lake District
The impact of the Wasdale Valley is hard to describe. It is something you really have to stand there and see for yourself although the photo does come pretty close to capturing the unique setting of Wasdale.

Wasdale is one of the most remote valleys in the Lake District. You lose mobile signal long before you reach the head of the valley. Farms and cottages are few and far between. There are barely any buildings as you drive along the road and the feeling of venturing into the unknown is magnified as the road twists and turns along the side of Wastwater.

The road runs out at Wasdale Head. Beyond that there is nothing but mountains. The hulking peaks of Kirk Fell, Great Gable, Lingmell and Scafell enclose the head of the valley forming a formidable horsehoe. There are two farms at Wasdale Head and the legendary Wasdale Head Inn. The pub is something of a museum to the eary rock climbing pioneers with an enviable collection of Abraham Borthers images adorning the walls. Wasdale inspires you to walk and to climb. After all, there is nothing else to do apart from marvel at the surroundings. 

Wastwater in the Lake District
So, back to that inspiring photo.

We are investing in new images for our website to showcase our cottages and their surroundings in all their glory. 

Stewart Smith is one of our photographers and he takes some spectacular landscape images of the Lake District. He has just been out to Middle Row and taking some superb new photos. The owners have refurbished the cottage and combined with the new images, well, it looks like a brand new cottage. Click here to read more about Middle Row.

You can view more of Stewart’s images on his website and purchase one of his limited edition prints - he only ever produces 50 copies of each image so you know you are getting something special. His website is here: