Keswick Film Festival 2018


This year, we are delighted to be partnering with Keswick Film Festival!

Running from the 22nd to the 25th of February 2018, the festival, now in its 19th year, includes a wide range of screenings at the Alhambra Cinema and the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick and Rheged in Penrith.

The Theatre by the Lake in Keswick, the Lake District

Until his death in 2017, Sir John Hurt, best known for the 1980 classic The Elephant Man, was patron of the festival, and he will be fondly remembered this year through a showing of his last movie, That Good Night, about a terminally ill writer struggling to come to terms with his own mortality.

Sir John isn't the only big name attached to the festival, either. The young star of the touching A Monster Calls, Lewis MacDougall, will be a special guest at the event, alongside highly-regarded film scholars and award-winning director, Simon Hunter.

Demain at the Keswick Film Festival in the Lake District

From classics to modern movies, from documentaries to foreign film, and from Cannes Festival award-winners to promising shorts, there really is something for everyone, including some movies that can only be seen at this festival!

Here is just a short selection of what you can catch at the 2018 Keswick Film Festival:

Edie – Opening the 2018 event, Edie stars Sheila Hancock as  an old lady who fulfils a lifetime’s ambition to climb a mountain in Scotland. Director Simon Hunter will introduce the film.

Edie at the Keswick Film Festival in the Lake District

Clouds of Glory – Ken Russell’s film on Wordsworth and Coleridge, originally commissioned by Melvyn Bragg and thought to have been lost.

Our Last Tango – The story of Argentina’s most famous tango dancers with their routines brought to life by today’s young stars. Shown on Rheged’s Imax screen.

Out Last Tango at the Keswick Film Festival in the Lake District

Human Flow – Ai Weiwei’s remarkable documentary on the global refugee crisis.

Night of the Living Dead – 50 years on this is the granddaddy of horror films. Preceded by Scared Stiff in the 60s, a talk by Patrick Glen of University College London.

Night of the Living Dead at the Keswick Film Festival in the Lake District

Dark River – A gritty northern drama starring Mark Stanley (Love Lies and Records, Little Women, Game of Thrones), Sean Bean and Ruth Wilson.

Blade of the Immortal – Bloodthirsty Samurai swordplay.

Blade of the Immortal at the Keswick Film Festival in the Lake District

A Fantastic Woman – Gorgeous, moving film from Chile about a transgender woman facing prejudice after the death of her lover.

Sicilian Ghost Story – A child is the only one brave enough to challenge the code of silence around the Mafia.

A Monster Calls - Coping with his mother's illness, a less-than-sympathetic grandmother, and bullying classmates, 12-year old Conor finds a surprising ally when a Monster appears at his window. With Lewis MacDougall and Liam Neeson.

A Monster Calls at the Keswick Film Festival in the Lake District

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri - This dark comedy follows Mildred Hayes, an angry mother questioning the local police force's progress on her daughter's murder investigation.

Three Billboards at the Keswick Film Festival in the Lake District

Sally's Cottages is proud to be able to support local events such as the Keswick Film Festival. If you plan on coming along in February, don't forget to find your perfect holiday cottage using our Cottage Search.

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