Indian Summer in the Lake District?


At Keswick, the Lake District

Derwentwater at Keswick in the Lake District

I’m confused.  Some reports say that we’re in for an Indian Summer up in the Lake District.  Hurrah.  I like that idea a lot, especially if it means we have more days like the one in the pictures above which were taken last week. 

Snow at Keswick in the Lake District

Other reports say we’re in for a great big fall of Lake District snow come October.  Hurrah again.  Here’s a picture of what it was it was like in November last year. 

Autumn at Ullswater, the Lake District

Which will it be?  Hopefully not too much mizzly rain coming down, although I must say I love it when the nights start drawing in and you can settle down in front of the fire feeling warm and comfortable and sheltered from whatever is outside.  And this time of year is fantastic – the trees are just starting to turn and October can be one of the most beautiful times of the year.  We’ve already collected a whole heap of conkers, although we’ve not managed to catch a falling leaf yet – it’s surprisingly difficult although the old superstition says that each leaf you catch means a month of good luck in the following year.  I’m aiming for twelve.  If anyone is coming to stay in any of our Lake District cottages in October, I’d be interested to hear how many leaves you catch. 

An autumn leaf