Five Minute Moments


Five Minute Moments

It’s always good to see old friends and chew the cud for an hour or two.  At a wedding over the weekend I was chatting to an old university friend of mine, reminiscing about old times and finding out from each other what had been happening over the past ten years or so.  I told him about life in the Lake District, holiday cottages and kids, and he told me about life in the fast lane.  We talked about where we’d been and what we’d done and what made life interesting and who was happy doing what.  We came to the conclusion that life is made up of five minute moments.  And it’s these moments in life, that only last a few minutes, that make it all worthwhile. 

So I got to thinking about the past year and what were the five minute highlights – you’ll see from the list below that some come from a sense of achievement after a lot of hard work, others come just from a sense of wellbeing created usually by nature.  Here are my magic moments of the past twelve months:

The most obvious one is, of course, giving birth to baby number 3 a year ago.  I was in labour for about 8 hours (the hour’s drive between Keswick and Whitehaven hospital was the longest hour of the year) and the release as she popped out was amazing.  And then when she was given to me, I thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Another five minute moment came when I was driving through the Lake District last June and a song came on the radio that I hadn’t heard for years.  For the length of the song I was 20 again, in Eskdale, and I could feel my heart beating faster and butterflies in my stomach.

Last summer, Daisy (aged then about one and a half) announced to everyone eating at the table that when she grew up she was “going to be wild”.  This comment came out of nowhere, we had all been quite quiet up until then.  It was definitely a magic moment.  This is what having kids is all about.  And I guess I can’t say in ten years time that she didn’t warn me. 

Talking of Summer, I remember a moment when we’d been very busy with all the Lake District cottages and I took an afternoon off.  That first moment when I lay by the lake at Keswick and let the sunshine wash over me.  Sheer bliss. 

For me, no year is complete without a visit to Wastwater in Wasdale in the dead of night when the stars are out. This time it was in Winter and it was as clear as a bell.  What a moment!  Rob might say that his magic moment was in the pub at Eskdale earlier on that night – it was his first beer for six months!

When the frosts came at the start of Winter I climbed up Scafell from Borrowdale (by Keswick) – it was the first time I’d been out really since Julia was born in the Spring.  Standing on the top with the wind blowing all around, the feeling of being as free as a bird was fantastic.  It was beautiful out there with the frost making it look as though the fairies had been to play.

And of course, finally, one of the best moments was standing outside our new office in Keswick with months of immense hard work getting it up and ready behind us and seeing “Sally’s Cottages” written across the top.  It made all those early starts and late nights completely worth it!

Well these are my moments of the past twelve months.  Read as individual comments they don’t amount to much but I guess that’s the whole point of the five minute moments.  They are small and insignificant, but they are what make’s life worth living.


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