A Cottage Holiday In The Lake District? It’s A Done Deal

The Lake District It’s A Done Deal!

With the constant demands of everyday life, be it at work or at home, there is always someone somewhere wanting something from you or at the very least requiring your attention.
Whether it’s work – with constant demands from superiors always cracking the whip wanting more work to be produced or at home – with children not allowing you to have five minutes peace. It becomes a bit of a cynical joke when the term supply and demand is added into your work home life.

It’s a times like these when we all want to run and hide and seek solace, well in this instant it’s the right time to put the kettle on and your feet up and browse our beloved internet to see where we could potentially be. Far far away where the demands are left behind would be there first destination, but where exactly is this?

My thoughts would send me to a sunny beach away from civilization, but with all the news headlines advising of pirates on remote beaches this thought seems to fizzle away. And not forgetting the children, safety is a high criterion on the agenda and the final destination.

So we take another relaxing moment and yet another cup of tea and think again. An area of beauty and tranquility yet the security of knowing there are no pirates at hand! Well it’s on our door step and I couldn’t think of a more pleasant retreat. The Lake District. It has the best of all worlds combined, although weather cannot be guaranteed the beauty of the Lake District, whatever the weather is most certainly unrivalled in comparison to other potential destinations. For us British who just love to complain about any weather the Lake District certainly has all types so lot’s for us to moan about!

With beautiful little hidden villages to fantastic towns, perfect for the wife to go shopping and perfect for the husband to take his motorbike and head off to the hills, with plenty of running space for the family dog or dogs, to lots of precious play areas and discovery areas for the children to amuse themselves with.

Not to mention the food, did I mention the food? Well what can I say, many a Michelin star restaurant, there’s no danger here of eating something you shouldn’t, oh and the water, the one place on earth you can drink the fresh water without having to boil it first! So many many advantages to taking a holiday break in the Lake District, guess it’s a done deal for me, hope to see you there too.