Winter Fun


In the snow on Mell FellIt’s been a fabulous few weeks, with day after day of frosty white mornings tinged pink as the sun comes up over the mountains. It feels like we have had endless crisp clear days and starry moonlit nights. “Red Sky in the Morning” should mean Shepherd’s Warning, but the sheep don’t look too cold with their great woolly coats and we’ve had a great time playing amongst in the snow! Rob’s dusted off his skis and he’s seeing if he can remember how to do it – it must be 15 years since he was last out and he’s planning to go down Blencathra so fingers crossed that he makes it back in one piece.

Phil (my brother who also happens to work here) got up at 7 on Christmas morning and spent the best hours on the fells. He said it was amazing with not a person in sight. He certainly earned his Christmas dinner!

Sledging in the Lake District snowWe’ve also reverted to childhood as the sledging is awesome – you can hurtle down even the gentlest of slopes. I must admit that my forays on a sledge with Bruno (aged 3) and Daisy (aged 1) have been fairly sedate but Rob and Phil have really got into it and have taken to pretending to be James Bond whizzing down the slopes at midnight armed only with a head torch.

Those in the know are forecasting the cold snap to last at least until mid-January. Some of the tarns are frozen over so the plan is to buy some ice skates from somewhere and teach Rob how to skate – that is if I can remember from my childhood days.

The main roads are currently clear and most minor roads are accessible when taken with care. If anyone is coming to stay at one of the cottages in Eskdale, please come by the coastal route rather than over Birker Moor. You can always call us to find out what access is like or bring snow chains along just in case. Everyone has managed to get to their cottage so far and once you’re here, it’s just amazing.

If you fancy a trip up to the snow please click to see our Late Availability.