A Trip To Stanley Ghyll Waterfall


A few weeks ago I went on a road trip around the South West Lake District to visit some of our Lake District Cottages in the area and while i was there, I stopped off in Eskdale to walk to the mighty Stanley Ghyll Waterfall.

St Catherine's Church in Eskdale

I travelled by car and parked up at St Catherine's Church. There are a series of large stepping stones cutting across the River Esk from the Church which you can step across to shorten the walk but on the day I visited it was pouring with rain so I took a slightly longer circut to cross the river safely.

Herdwick sheep in Eskdale

I followed the river trail through Stanley Ghyll Woods which was beautifully framed by mixed native broad leaf and large conifers. On route, I passed some delightfully friendly Herdwick sheep and baby lambs.

I felt like I was walking through a tropical rainforest as I began to approach Stanley Ghyll. There are three wooden bridges, tropical looking plants, mossy rocks, stream details and lots of small waterfalls on route and the loud sound of the water blew me away! 

Stanley Ghyll in Eskdale

The path to the falls is mainly flat and well maintained but it does get steeper and slippery the closer you get to Stanley Ghyll. Once I reached the viewpoint at The Force and saw the mighty water falling down into the plunge pool, this moment was worth all the effort - Stanley Ghyll is incredible. After watching the 60 foot water tumble down into a deep and dark pool - and taking hundreds of photographs - I made my way back down through Stanley Ghyll Woods and followed a newly built path which loops around the back of St Catherine's Church to reach the car.

I drove but you can also get to the falls by the L'aal Ratty narrow guage railway and hop off at Dalegarth station - the last station on the Ravenglass to Eskdale railway. From here you walk 200m along the road to a right turn leading to the National Park Trough House Bridge Car park and follow a path from their to the ghyll.

Esk View holiday cottage in Eskdale

If you are visiting Eskdale while you're in the Lakes you must go to Stanley Ghyll for an unforgettable experience. It's one of my favourite things to do in the Lake District.

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