Things to do in the Lake District


Here at Sally’s Cottages, we’re all really hard working and like nothing better than to be in the office chatting to potential guests and visitors to our Lake District cottages.  It’s good to get out sometimes, however, to experience what the Lake District has to offer and here are some of the things we’ve been up to in the past few weeks.  If you’re coming to stay in one of our Lake District cottages you might like to do some of these things yourselves…

Picking Apples in the Lake District

I love it when Autumn comes along.  Recent walks with the dogs and kids have taken in a spot of blackberry picking.  And we also had a very happy day picking apples.  Apple and blackberry pie – my favourite (and very easy to make)!

Honister Mine at Borrowdale, near Keswick, the Lake District

When it was raining a few days ago we took the children to Honister mine and went underground.  They loved it and the guys showing us around were brilliant.  

Birthday Party in one of our Lake District Cottages

Meanwhile we’ve just had a joint birthday party for Bruno and Daisy (5 & 3).  We had two hours of absolute mayhem with what seemed like hundreds of small children running wild.  Rob whipped out his balloon pump and started creating swords, flowers and dogs for excited kids.  All in all it was a brilliant day.  We have a variety of large holiday cottages in the Lake District which would be ideal for a birthday celebration – most have big gardens too which is great when there are small children involved!

Making a bow & arrow while staying in our Lake District Cottages

Now then, here’s a thing to do if you’re staying in one of our Lake District cottages and have the excuse of small children staying with you (highly likely if you’re coming up during October half term).  Find some good hazel sticks and make a bow and arrow with them.  You’ll find it’s far more effective than any shop bought ones.  Try them out in the garden and organise some competitions.  

In the caves at Eskdale, the Lake District

During the Summer holidays we were bored one day so became intrepid adventurers to re-discover the caves of my youth.  Armed with candles and a vague sense of direction we ploughed through tall bracken, over a raging river and into the dark caves.  It was very exciting.

Rob bouldering near Keswick in the Lake District

Rob came in very pleased with himself last week.  He’d been up to Thirlmere to do a spot of climbing and bouldering and found a boulder that looks as though it’s not been climbed before.  So he cleaned it off and tootled up it – two new routes and he’s been living in the Lake District for 15 years.  How did they pass him by?

Celebrate halloween in one of our Lake District cottages

Finally, Halloween is coming.  We’re a bit early but we’ve bought our pumpkins (£1.50 from Booths in Keswick) and have made some scary faces.  Bring on the dark nights!