Star Gazing


Well, what a week we've just had. Crisp mornings and starry nights. Beautiful. My mother-in-law came up from the Midlands to visit and was amazed with the brightness of the stars here. My little boy, who is two years old, caught her excitement and has been telling anyone who'll listen about the stars. It made me realise you take so much for granted when you live up here that you stop appreciating it. Some of my most poignant memories are sitting by Wastwater lake in Wasdale in the early hours of the morning just looking at the stars and the brightness of the moon.

So I've made a set of New Year's Resolutions – here they are:

1. Take my little boy to Wasdale at night to show him what life is really all about.
2. Take myself up Scafell Pike to remind myself what life is really all about.
3. Send my husband rock climbing on Great Gable's high crags to remind him what life is about.

That's all we need really. Now we just need to make sure we actually do it!

Wasdale snow in winter

December 2008