A slideshow of Eskdale (photos by Maurice Steele)


Maurice Steele has combined farming and photography in the Lake District’s Eskdale valley for 40 years.  As the world around us marches on, changing, progressing, getting bigger, getting smaller, Eskdale has an air of permanence about it.  Some of the photos in this slideshow were taken decades ago but they could have been taken yesterday.   

Autumn in Eskdale, the Lake District

The slideshow at the bottom of the page starts in Autumn with the fantastic Autumn colours that are still here (although an awful lot of leaves have fallen in the past month or so).  Eskdale Show is still held on the last Saturday of September and I still enjoy making animals from fruit & veg (I’m still waiting to win my first prize). 

Winter in Eskdale, the Lake District

On to snowy wintery shots.  We’ve had some fantastic winters in the past four years.  We’ll see what this year brings. 

Spring in Eskdale, the Lake District

The shots of Spring are beautiful.  The farming calendar continues its cycle.  The animals and birds starting to play and sing once again.  The steam railway takes more frequent trips to the coast at Ravenglass.  Hardknott Pass (England’s steepest road) re-opens and you can visit the Roman Fort there. 

The River Esk in Eskdale, the Lake District

And then Summer.  If you’re brave you can swim in the River Esk – there are lots of swimming places, my favourite being the dub between Fisherground Farmhouse and Orange Hill Cottage in Boot.  I did it this year in fact.  It was raining but I felt alive!  I was very brave.  It was colder than I seem to remember it being in my childhood. 

If you would like to see our Eskdale Cottages (most of which are pet friendly), or just find out more about things to do in the Eskdale valley then please do follow the links.  It is a special place indeed. 

Eskdale's neighbouring valley is Wasdale.  More information will follow on a new Wasdale blog but please take a sneaky look at our Wasdale cottages, as well as our other Lake District cottages.

(All images used in this blog are copyright Maurice Steele).