Sally's guide to carrying a desk up a mountain - part two


We left the last instalment of our Office in the Clouds tale with Justin and I stranded on the hillside.

Justin set up his camera to start filming a time lapse of the clouds trailing over the top of High Rigg. We decided I should set off on foot to try and find Rob and Colin whilst Justin stayed with the trailer.

Clouds over High Rigg
I looked long and hard at the fell and tried to recall the detailed pages of the Wainwright guides. With a vague idea of the right direction I decided on a line of ascent up the vast grassy plain. Off I went with as much in my backpack to find Rob and Colin who by now should have been near the summit waiting for us.

After about half an hour the sun was hitting Lonscale Pike so I could at least work out how high I have climbed. As I stopped for a breather a red Land Rover appeared on the horizon behind me. Alastair, Sally and Justin in the Land Rover glided effortlessly past me and carried on until the disappeared over the brow of the hill. There was still an awful lot of climbing to do.

LandRover on the fellside
I eventually caught up with them. The Land Rover had got as far as it could and was now balanced at an extreme angle on the fellside. Our kit was unloaded into an incongruous heap on the grass and Sally and I had a quick break whilst Justin set off up hill to find Rob and Colin. Alastair turned round in the Land Rover and set off for a real days work farming.

Whilst we were waiting, Sally and I began ferrying what we could up the hillside in a relay. In my working career I have watching my employers do lots of strange things from sawing a Christmas tree in half on the kitchen work top to mixing red and white wine to produce Rose. However this was the first time I have seen my boss carrying a chair up a mountain at 5.30am.

Justin arrived out of the mist having not found Rob or Colin. But no sooner had he returned, so did Alastair in his Land Rover, this time carrying Rob, Colin and Tess the dog. They had been to the top of the mountain, waited around for us and then gone back down to see where we had got to. Alastair had been persuaded to give them a lift to catch us up.

Equipment on the fellside
All reunited at last we divided up the equipment and started hiking. I had guestimated that we were at around 650 metres basing my assumption on Lonscale Pike to be around 700m (it is 703m) and the summit of Blencathra to be around 805 (it’s 868m).

It was still only just 6am. How does the next part of the story go? Find out how in the Final Installment.

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