Sally's guide to carrying a desk up a mountain - the final installment


I didn’t think it would take me three blogs to tell the tale of how Sally and her willing helpers got an office to the top of Blencathra. Once I started writing I realised we had crammed a lot into those few exciting hours! Here is the final part of the tale.

The team pause for a rest on the fellside
It took us an hour of hard slog to reach the ridge. Alastair was persuaded to come along for the ride. For some reason helping us get the desk up to the top of the fell seemed far more enticing that his day job. The boys took the desk whilst Sally and I took the heavy backpacks and various other bits of kit.

The mist was swirling around us by now and we could only see a few feet in front of us.  Alastair and I noticed that the grass we were toiling uphill on had changed from tufty and damp to sparse and dry.  We had to be near the top! A few minutes later we have dumped all the kit on the ridge and were congratulating each other. After a quick break of ginger cake, strawberries and cheese biscuits it was time for Justin to spring into actions.

Sipping champagne at the summit
Sally swiftly changed into her dress and red shoes whilst the boys set up the desk and computer. Justin took a few atmospheric shots as the mist rolled over us offering a few tantalising glimpses of the world below.

With a confident weather forecast we made the final push for the summit. By this stage it was around 8.30am and we had not seen a soul.

We set up the desk for the final shoot on the summit, cracked open the bottle of champagne and took a team photo.

Justin started working with Sally posing away at the desk. We all got our chance to take a seat and have out picture taken on the summit with the desk. By now the first walkers had stumbled upon us and were understandably quite surprised to see what we were up to.

The photo shoot at the "office" on Blencathra
The final and toughest job of the day was the walk down. Sally, Justin and I went down via Blease Fell, Rob, Alastair and Colin went back down to the Land Rover. We all met up back at Rob and Sally’s for well deserved cups of tea and bacon sandwiches.

The photos were duly processed and crafted into a press released back at the office. What can we do to top taking a desk, computer, chair etc to the top of a mountain? You will have to wait and see. We are open to suggestions...

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