Sally's Cottages: Still Following The Epic Tri


They say it takes 12 months to recover from doing the Bob Graham – a run which takes in all the Lake District fells and mountains, starting and ending in Keswick, and you have to do it in 24 hours.  Our friends Bruce and Ant completed this on Monday (18 April).  Well done boys.  

You’d have thought that you could then sit back and have a rest, after all, it is one BIIIGGG achievement.  Not Bruce and Ant though.  Rather than having a sit down to look over the Lake District fells (and perhaps stay in one of our Keswick cottages), they hared off up to John O’Groats only to ride almost 900 miles down the length of the country to Penzance.  They did this in four days.  We joined them near Ullswater and encouraged them along the way – the Lake District was pretty much the halfway point of their bike ride (see the video at the bottom of the page).  

Bruce and Ant on the last leg of their Epic Tri

As if this is not enough, they set off from Devizes yesterday evening in order to start a kayak race to Westminster (125 miles, 77 portages).  This all works around the tides so if they fall back and lose time, they won’t be able to complete the race, the tides would be wrong and it would be game over.  They aim to get there at 11pm tonight (Sunday).

Bruce Duncan - having a rest in the Lake District

It’s now a week since they set off.  Sleep up to now has been limited to power naps of a maximum of 90 minutes.  They don’t have time for this any more so they’re now down to 10 minute naps in order to complete the DW in time.  Will they do it?  I’ll be amazed if they do.  Will this completely break them?  I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t.  Where do you go from an epic tri like this?  Watch this space for more Bruce and Ant epics (although wait a few years for them to recover first).

The lovely Hilary Duncan - we really miss her

This whole foolhardy epic has been done in honour of Bruce’s mum who died of cancer.  The boys are aching, in pain and sleep deprived.  As they say though, at least they’ll be able to stop and recover once they’ve completed the epic.  Not everyone who has cancer can do that.  Please sponsor them on their amazing journey – you can do this by following the links from their website.     


This is a picture of the boys at the end of their week of adventure, at Westminster.  A truly remarkable effort lads. 

The Epic Tri - a truly epic experience