The old railway path from Keswick to Threlkeld

Forget about mountain biking or conquering the high fells.  If you’ve got small children, need a couple of new knees, or just fancy a fairly flattish track to either cycle or walk along then sample the old railway line between Threlkeld and Keswick. 

The old railway path from Keswick to Threlkeld, the Lake District

If you start from Keswick, then it’s best to park at the Keswick Spa Leisure pool and your starting point will be the Keswick Hotel which is at the old Keswick station.  Follow the path and you will end up at Threlkeld three miles later where there are two good pubs if you fancy lunch or a pint.  You can then either walk back or take the bus.

Or you can start at Threlkeld and make your way to Keswick and to the ice cream van that tends to be parked outside Fitz park (near the Leisure Spa).  The starting point at Threlkeld is on the outskirts of the village, just off the A66 at the entrance to Threlkeld on the Keswick side (there is another entrance to Threlkeld from the A66 on the Penrith side). 

Whichever place you start from, the track is wide, flatish and mainly protected from the elements with tree cover on each side.  There are bridges to cross, woodland to walk through and a couple of old railwayman’s huts which have been converted into information points. 

Near the Threlkeld side there are red squirrel feeders and a variety of wild birds to spot.  There are also a variety of paths leading off from the main railway path if you want to explore the surrounding area more fully.

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