Old friends get together in the Lake District


In these days of modern technology, email and social networking sites it’s easy to stay in touch with all sorts of people that otherwise would have fallen by the wayside (not through lack of caring, rather through pressures on time what with children, work, and everything else that life throws at you).  It’s fabulous that we can now see what everyone is up to just at the click of a button but what is more wonderful is when a good old fashioned card comes through the post or a telephone call to invite you to a get together of old friends.  

Lake District get together in Keswick for old friends

And today we had that get together – three of us who had separated aged seven got together in the garden of one of our Keswick Cottages in the Lake District.  Along with three grandparents and seven children we were quite a gathering and we had a wonderful time reminiscing about the old days in Eskdale and life beyond.  Two of us have moved back to the Lake District but the third now lives in Norway so a get together like this is rare.  

 new friends in the Lake District

I wonder if a get together amongst old friends always follows the same line.  There was a good deal of catching up on who is doing what now, followed by chit chat about our kids who are all similar ages.  Seeing all the children together it was remarkable how similar they are to how we were (“there’s a mini-you, there’s a mini-me”) and so the talk turned to growing up together in the Lake District and how we used to play together exactly like the kids played today.  I must say, we are all a lot more serious now but there were hints of the youth we have left behind in a wiggle of a bottom, a raised eyebrow or even an attempt at a cartwheel!

The tickle monster of the Lake District

Now it’s back to real life, but it was just wonderful to remember what it is like to be a child again and to catch up with some old old friends.  

Having a laugh with old friends in Keswick (the Lake District)

Many of the Lake District cottages that we let are available for weekends throughout the year (mainly out of school holidays).  We have large Lake District cottages for groups of 10-26 people (in Eskdale, Keswick, near Loweswater or Ullswater) or you can rent a group of smaller Lake District cottages to give each family their own space in amongst all the fun and games.