Living the Dream


We’ve been taking a trip back to the 1970s, to when I was growing up on a farm in the Eskdale Valley. 


Not being able to afford it by themselves, my parents bought the farm in partnership with my mum’s cousin, Geoff, who had married my mum’s French penfriend, Anne-Marie.  We all lived in the big farmhouse – there were nine of us in total, four adults, five children. 



The farm was a typical Lake District fell farm with around 500 Herdwick sheep.  To try and make ends meet we tried all sorts of additional ventures, from pigs to potatoes.  All of them failed.  Our parents turned a corner when they bought their first caravan to let out to visitors and have never looked back!



40 years on, and the Lake District still looks pretty much the same today as it did back then.  Technology has changed a bit since though...



We’ve dug out some old cine-film that mum took back in 1976 and used it to create a series of one-minute films.  Or you can read all about it in Dad’s book: Fisherground – Living the Dream.