Let's hear it for holidays!


Hello. Just back from our holidays. I’d like to say we stayed in England but I’m afraid we went abroad to France and had a lovely time. That said it was quite interesting to see the differences between renting a cottage in rural France and renting one here. In fact it was good research which I should do more often – I wonder if I can claim tax back?!?

The cottage we stayed at was lovely but cost the same (or was even slightly more expensive) as our cottages here and you had to bring your own sheets, make your own beds and clean the cottage afterwards or pay £40 extra. Of course we expect guests to leave our cottages clean and tidy (and most of you do) but we always have a cleaner to come in afterwards to make sure the job is a good one and go over those areas that you would never expect someone to do after a week’s stay. And we make the beds up too … it’s just lovely to arrive somewhere clean and fresh and go to bed in newly laundered sheets and not get up.

Well I got to lay in at least some of the time as Rob was mainly on morning duty for the chidlinks (toddler and a baby). Then it was day after day of sunshine, walks in the woods, cycle rides and good old fashioned messing about. It's just great to get away for a few days. We’re now back refreshed and reinvigorated and ready to help you with your holidays!

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