Impolitely Named Places of the Lake District


The summer holidays are now a mere memory and October half term is already upon us . The weather forecast has not been fantastic for the first few days of the week and some of you must be stuck for indoor activities.

Ever helpful, and after much giggling, smirking and general mirth, Sally’s Cottages have come up with a list of rudely named fells, gills and other locations near our Lake District cottages.

If you are feeling intrepid, you could throw on your wet weather gear and go out to find them. Some of them are really quite beautiful like Stinking Gill in Ennerdale, or you could stay in the warm and find them on a map, a bit like a really difficult crossword!

Here is our list. If you find them all please let us know on our Facebook page, and if you find any more interesting names, tell us those as well!

Bassenthwaite Lake from Barf

Barf (pictured)
Great Cockup
Tinkler Crags
Devil’s Gallop
Randy Pike
Nethermost Pike
Cock Cove
Stinking Gill
Tongue Head
Willygrass Gill
Knots of the Tongue
Horn Crag
Ball Hall
Breasty Haw
Willy Wife Moor
Cotra Breast