Happy Halloween from the Lake District


Did you know the Lake District has a rich history of ghosts, dark magic and myths? There are ghoulish rumours everywhere and here are some legendary tales....fact or fiction, you decide?

St Catherine's Church in Eskdale in the snow

On the Styhead Pass, between Wasdale and Borrowdale, the ghost of a 13th century outlaw named Bjorn has been spotted.

In Wasdale Head, many claim to have witnessed the ghost of a galloping horse with a coffin known as the The white horse of Windermere. It is said the horse spirit walks on the lake from shore to shore when the surrounding neighbourhood is in danger.

Centuries ago the ferry men at Ferry Nab on Lake Windermere claimed that on stormy nights they could hear a voice calling for their services. The call was heard from the heights of Claife, and the men were terrified to answer the 'crier of Claife'. The story goes that one night a brave young man rowed across and when he returned at dawn he was so terrified he could not describe what he saw, he went insane and the next day he died. The locals asked a monk to exorcise the ghost, who was then confined to the quarry. To this day, walkers have reported seeing a mysterious hooded form at dusk on the heights of the Claife.

The Kirkstone Pass Inn in Ambleside has a long history and is believed to be connected to an ancient monastery dating back to the 15th century. Many claim the Old Coaching House is home to travellers who have long since been dead...

Despite its warm and welcoming atmosphere, there have been many ghost sightings at Levens Hall, an Elizabethan manor house. Visitors say they have seen the spirit of Grey Lady, a gypsy who was refused food and shelter during a harsh 17th-century winter as well as other ghoulish forms.

Are you planning some spooktacular activities over the weekend to celebrate Halloween...The Lake District has some booooootiful things for you to enjoy...

It's Fright Night at Muncaster

Muncaster Castle in Ravenglass is one of the most haunted Castle's in England and things definitely go 'bump in the night' here. From ghost tours to a ghoulish grotto and a creepy owl crypt, there's spooky happenings around every corner....People have reported paranormal activity at Muncaster, from whispering to children's cries, burning smells and rattling door handles. Many claim to have seen the ghost of Mary Bragg, a former servant at the castle, on the roads nearby. What will you see.....Click here to view our cottages Ravenglass.

Tom's Tree at Muncaster Castle

Going Deeper Underground...

Venture into creepy caverns and endless dark dark dark tunnels....at Honister Slate Mine. Visitors can join a guided tour around the mines or the seriously brave can explore Honister and follow the caves which go out to the mountain ridge and down to dark depths. For those looking for something truly ghoulish and exhilarating...try Honister’s Via Ferrata Xtreme which involves walking on mountain edges, vertical climbs, cliff edge ladders, a Burma bridge and a cargo net crossing. Go on, we double dare you! Click here for cottages in Keswick.

Florence mine in Egremont

Face your fears at GoApe Whinlatter Forest Park.

Boasting the highest GoApe in England at 360 metres above sea level, you'll need to steady your nerves to complete this course. GoApe at Whinlatter Forest Park is so high that on a clear day you can see right across to Scotland. Test yourself on zip slides through the skies and over water. Fancy it and need a place to stay?

Autumn colours