Happiness in just five minutes.


Following on from my five minute moments blog, I thought I’d write down five things which take only five minutes to do which I guarantee will make you happy!

1. While the kettle boils, do 10 sit ups.
2. Make someone’s day – say something nice to them about them instead of just thinking it (or send them a card if they’re not there).  Spread the love.  Make giving a priority.
3. Put on some fabulous music very loud and dance round the kitchen table.
4. Take a cold shower every morning.  This really works.  Try it.   (You can start it hot and gradually turn it to cold if you prefer). 
5. Sit down with a cup of tea and do nothing except have that cup of tea for five minutes.  

That’s it.  Happiness in just five minutes.  Easy peasy.  Oh, and if you're bored, see if you can still do a cartwheel!