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You might be planning a visit to the Lake District with the aim of relaxing and getting back to nature. With tranquil forests, clean air and amazing views, the national park is perfect for such activities and Jen from Lakeland Well-being set up her company to make the most of the natural benefits of the area.

Jen from Lakeland Well-beingPassionate about nature, committed to the environment, and keen to improve people's wellbeing, Jen strongly believes that we can only start healing the planet when we start properly looking after ourselves. The underlying belief behind Lakeland Well-being is that, when we're stressed and anxious, we can't focus on anything else. By getting rid of these negative feelings we can start looking outward and begin focusing on the needs of the planet.

The Benefits of Nature

In Whinlatter Forest with Lakeland Well-beingJen lives in the heart of the Lake District with her husband, two young children and two search and rescue dogs. Growing up in the 80s, much of her childhood was spent outside climbing trees, getting muddy, and only coming inside when it was getting dark or when dinner was on the table! Her first memories are of her mum naming flowers as she pointed them out during walks with the dogs.

This love of the outdoors has continued into adulthood and Jen has been able to make a lifelong career out of it, working in the environmental and conservation sectors for many years before setting up Lakeland Well-being. As she puts it: "I used to work with people to heal the land and now I work with the land to heal people." For her, nature has always been an escape, a way of soothing away the strains of life and inviting positive feelings into her life.

Mindfulness in Nature

Touching trees with Lakeland Well-Being

Jen's responsibilities in life changed when she had children and she realised that the mental and physical health of both her and the children was strongly dependent on being outside. She was first introduced to Mindfulness when feeling overwhelmed and emotional following the birth of her second child. It was to be a life-changing discovery for her, and one that she is eternally grateful for. Mindfulness in nature is now her go-to activity whenever those negative feelings start to get too much and a regular practice keeps her calm and happy.

Seeing first-hands the benefits of this nature therapy, Jen realised that many more people could benefit from the practice. Lakeland Well-being was born to help others find a peaceful place, let go of their worries, and improve their own health, all while building a closer connection to nature. Jen now offers a number of therapies and guided activities that focus on exactly this.

Forest Bathing

Forest bathing in Whinlatter ForestForest Bathing - also known as Shinrin-Yoku - originated in Japan and simply involves spending some dedicated time under a peaceful forest canopy. The practice encourages you to soak in the atmosphere, enjoy the tranquility, and appreciate your surroundings.

Jen learned about Forest Bathing several years ago and realised that she was already naturally doing it. This prompted her to get her guide certificate to be able to share the wonderful healing power of nature with others. "Nature is a wonderful place to relax and heal," she explains, "in the forest there is no judgement, just acceptance and space to breathe."


Reiki with Lakeland Well-BeingReiki has been a part of her life since Jen was very young, with her beloved mum practicing the so-called 'energy healing' and using it whenever there were any bumps, scrapes, or teenage moments of angst to overcome! Used to help promote a relaxed body and a calm mind, Jen has used Reiki every day since her early 20s. It seems, then, that it was the natural next step for her to become a Reiki Master Teacher and she now teaches the technique to others, as well as performing it on clients.


Reflexology is another therapy that Jen uses to help people relax and reinvigorate. Her mobile service means that you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own holiday cottage, so you can really settle back and enjoy the experience.

A natural companion to Reiki, Reflexology is believed to promote deep relaxation and healing in the whole body by applying pressure to different parts of the feet.

So, if you're after a relaxing escape and want to learn how to connect more deeply with the beautiful scenery of the Lake District, Jen at Lakeland Well-being will have just the therapy for you!

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This is a guest blog written by Jen at Lakeland Well-being. You can visit her website to see all her therapies, including monthly forest bathing sessions, or find her on Facebook.

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