General Dogsbody to Pet Friendly Lake District cottages


Trawling through our photos last week, I found some of Low Millgillhead, showing the work we were busy getting ready for the first ever visitors at the house.  Unbelievably that was five years ago!

Final preparations at Croft House - pet friendly Lake District cottages

Bruno was born two days before we got the keys to Low Millgillhead, but it quickly became clear who was the foreman and who was the general dogsbody! 

The foreman! Dog (and children) friendly Lake District cottages

As soon as Millgillhead was completed, we moved into Croft House next door. 

New bedroom at Croft House - one of our Lake District cottages

This required rather more fundamental work; the stunning dining room upstairs was already converted into Lady Moon's music room, where she would give concerts on the baby grand piano and host music school during the summer but downstairs was still the original coach house, which we needed to convert into bedrooms.

Speaking of being a general dogsbody, Croft House accepts up to 3 dogs (or 4 dogs if taken with Millgillhead).

Croft House now - pet friendly holiday cottages in the Lake District.

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The foreman now - keeping everyone in line at Sally's Lake District cottages