An Easy Walk Up Gummer's How


Gummer’s How is tucked right down at the bottom end of Windermere. The longest lake in England serves as a pretty big landmark to keep your bearings, and the footpaths are well trodden, so this is an easy one to follow.

Windermere from Gummer's HowThough small, Gummer's How is the tallest of the foothills in this area, which means you get some pretty incredible views from the top! Described by Wainwright as "an old man's mountain", this is one that most folk will be able to enjoy.

Note: although it’s only 321m high remember that it's still a fell, and a pretty exposed one too, so it’s definitely worth being prepared.You really don’t need to worry about carting a big rucksack up there, but an extra layer of clothing and waterproofs are always a good idea. It’s also worth taking a flask and something to eat as the views at the top are superb and there are plenty of nice rocky outcrops where you can perch and picnic.

Signpost up to Gummers Howe in the Lake DistrictTo get to the start of this easy walk, follow the tiny winding road opposite the National Trust's Fell Foot Park and, after a mile or so, park up in the free car park in the woods on your right. Once you’ve got out of the car, stretched, breathed deeply, admired the views and put your walking boots on, cross the road, head uphill a little and then follow the signed footpath through the gate on your left. There are often cows in this first section of the walk, so be sure to keep your dog on a lead for now. The first stretch is also nice and flat with fabulous views out over Morecambe Bay and South Cumbria.

Pretty soon you’ll find yourself at the foot of a flight of stone steps. This is the toughest part, so don't give up. Just keep plodding on and you'll quickly see that the views get better and better with each step.

Once you've breached the steps you can choose the easy way or a more challenging option to the top of the mountain. As you're reading this blog, I assume you'd prefer the easy way, so turn right and follow the track as it winds up and around, eventually depositing you at the trig point on the summit. If you do opt for the harder route, launch yourself into the scramble up the rocks in front of you. It’s really not too tricky after all and kids will love it!

Windermere from Gummers How in the Lake DistrictOr, you could ignore these directions completely and bear left to follow random ascending footpaths until you pop out on the summit. If you're more of the adventurous type, then this could be the option for you. As long as you're always following paths that lead uphill then you'll get there eventually. And there are lovely views of the lake from here. It's a lovely way to take an enjoyable meander and enjoy the scenery. After all, it's all about the journey, no the destination!

From the top there are magnificent views of the Coniston Fells to the west and the pretty, gentle, south Cumbrian fells like Whitbarrow Scar and Hampsfell to the east.

Countryside views from Gummers How in the Lake DistrictIf you’re visiting the Lake District in winter, this is a wonderful fell to climb in the snow. It’s not too tricky and not too high, but the views are immense. In fact, in the colder weather, the trickiest part can be the drive up from Fell Foot (although it’s usually well gritted).

Talking of Fell Foot, they have an excellent cafe where hot chocolate and huge slices of cake await you once your yomp is over. Hurrah!

You can also enjoy some tasty cake from our holiday cottages around Windermere.

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