The Dog Blog!!


Since Sally and all her family are on holiday, I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself. Flo’s the name, and I’m Sally’s Mum’s pooch. Actually, you’ve probably seen me a few times, I’m that very handsome dog you see in lots of the pictures of walks around the Keswick area, - and a few in Eskdale and Wasdale too, ‘cos that’s where I’m from. I used to gather the sheep at Fisherground, in Eskdale, when I wasn’t wandering round the visitors to the Lake District cottages we had there. I reckon I was a real tourist attraction, far better than Muncaster Castle. Mind you, I did get a bit fat, having to eat all those breakfasts.

Flo the dog

Life’s a bit different now, now that we’ve retired and moved from Eskdale to Keswick. My full time job now is looking after Sally’s children; Bruno, Daisy and Julia, and a real handful they are. Sometimes I have to call on Sally’s mum (I call her Jennifer) to give me a hand, but I never seem to get her father, who I call Ian, to do much. He does love the walks though, but I don’t think you’ll have seen his photo; he’s very shy. Actually, it was them (Jennifer and Ian) who started all this Lake District Cottage thing that Sally and Rob spend all their time on, - just as a bit of spare cash from the farming, in those days. Bit different now, by all accounts.

Sally and Julia fielding with Flo the dog

Anyway, what I was really writing to say is this: how nice it is to have a break from the little horrors. I haven’t had my ears pulled for a week now; nobody’s tried to stuff me in a cardboard box; and when we go for a walk it’s at a proper speed, and I don’t have to tow a boy on a bike. Not that I mind, really. They’re lovely kids, always into mischief, but always with a grin. However, when Daisy drew something suspiciously like a map of the Lake District on the bedroom wall in felt tip pen, she needed more than a winning smile!

Lake District walks with the dogs
All good things come to an end, though, and I guess they’ll be back next week, so I’ll be back on the day job. Anyway, it’s been good chewing the bone with you, and I hope you’ll have a sympathetic thought for me when you next see my picture on one of the lovely walks round Keswick, and smile knowingly to yourself picturing the little horrors just out of shot, ready to have another go at me. It’s a dog’s life, but I mustn’t grumble. I don’t know why not, mind, now I come to think of it. I’ve slipped in a few photos just so you’ll know me…