Chopping Gets Competitive


What an amazing weekend we had here at Sally’s Cottages.  Green is our favourite colour and being green minded we have a wood burning boiler at home.  This boiler takes up most of the garage and eats wood to feed our radiators.  It’s taken three years to get the hang of it but it works a treat now – even our water is heated by wood.  Each year we get 24 tonnes of wood delivered and this has to be hand chopped, put in wheelbarrows and placed in the big shed where it takes a year to dry out.  

This year we had a Doctor of Magnets, a Social Worker and a Helicopter Salesman competing in splitting wood.  I suspect they may have aching muscles now.  Dave & Barry came up to climb trees and cut off branches so that’s some extra wood for us.  And that’s our heating sorted out for the next twelve months.  

Chopping Gets Competitive at our Lake District Cottages

Unfortunately it’s a bit too time consuming to use a wood boiler at any of our Lake District Cottages as the boiler has to be stoked daily. Worry not, though, the cottages are still warm and toasty and we have some good deals available over Christmas and New Year throughout the Lake District.