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Picture the scene: you're sitting at home and you hear the rattle of your letterbox. Expecting more bills, you head to the door to find a mysterious box, open it up with a feeling of anticipation and discover a selection of delicious cakes inside! Now that's a great way to start your day!

Letterbox bakes box
The Pantry in Parton bakes delicious flapjacks, pops them in the post and leaves you to enjoy the rest. Freshly made each day, they're completely delicious and a real treat for yourself or a friend or family member. And it all started from a kind gesture from grandad. Kirsty explains how it all began.

Pies in the Post

When myself, my sister and my cousins first moved out to go to university or get new jobs, our grandad sent us pies in the post! These were proper meat and potato pies, sent all the way from Cumbria to Sheffield, Leeds and London. You can imagine, when we opened them, the utter joy we felt!

There were two reasons that these surprise parcels made a big impact on us. Firstly, they were the tastiest, most incredible pies that provided a strong reminder of home. Secondly, and most importantly, because with each package came the warmth and love that he sent with them. It showed us he was thinking of us. It showed us that he wanted to gift us something delicious. It showed us the effort that he went to. After all, this was before ‘click and drop’ was a thing! He wanted to brighten our days and this was his fantastic (and successful) way of doing so.

Letterbox Bakes isn't too dissimilar to my lovely grandad’s act. We too want to give people delicious treats made with the highest quality local ingredients. We want to send them from Cumbria across the length of the UK to show people that they are thought of and loved. It's a small act of kindness that can really make a difference to someone's day.

Funky Flapjacks

Flapjacks from Letterbox Bakes in PartonI have loved and lived in Cumbria my whole life (apart from a brief stint at university) and over the years have gained experience in the catering industry. This led to a real passion for making cakes that taste just as good as they look. Letterbox Bakes was created to do just that and, on the advice of my PR Manager, Nici, we decided to provide one product and to do that really well!

Lettebox Bakes Cumbria offers a collection of artisan "Funky Flapjacks" topped with a variety of luxury layers including Millionaire, Ferrero and Nutella, Lemon Meringue, Eton Mess and a “Seasonal Special”. All are packaged in letterbox friendly boxes so that they can be ordered from anywhere, personalised, posted in a Royal Mail post box, and popped through any letterbox in the UK.

Letterbox Pakes Cumbria box and flowers
We put our heart and soul into the baking and decorating of these cakes. We love a ‘stripped back’ theme, and so all of our packaging is simple and natural, using fully recyclable products. It's very in-keeping with the ethos of the Lake District and Cumbria as a whole. We have an amazing natural landscape to protect, and we like to do our bit. Seeing photographs of walkers eating our "Funky Flapjacks" on the top of a Wainwright mountain is wonderful, and knowing that the packaging can be popped into the recycling bin back home is a sweet added bonus!

Kindness is Everywhere

Lemon meringue flapjack from Letterbox BakesOne thing we have become aware of now, more than ever, is kindness, the same that I received in my grandad’s parcels when living away. Kindness is everywhere, it’s free, and it spreads! Particularly when times are hard.

"Just as a pebble dropped in a pond creates ripples that lift lily pads on the other side, so acts of kindness lift the spirits of people who witness it and they carry the kindness forward, lifting the spirits of others." The Five Side-Effects of Kindness by David Hamilton.

Quote about cake from Letterbox Bakes
With this in mind, we thought it fitting to add a little bit of extra love to our cakes. Not only do you get the chance to personalise your box for the recipient, but we also always add a secret message of kindness in each and every box that we send. This means that recipients of our Letterbox Bakes get the same "love buzz" that those meat and potato pie deliveries created back in 1999!

About Letterbox Bakes Cumbria

This is a guest blog written by Kirsty of Letterbox Bakes Cumbria. Order your very own box of deliciousness via their website, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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