Biking in Ennerdale


One of my favourite things in the world is to curl up in front of the fire with a good book.  However, the New Year has arrived and with it some resolutions.  Fresh air and exercise:- everyone knows that’s what makes you ready to sing out loud.  Combine that with an energetic six year old and I decided it was high time I got back on my bike and explored some more of the Lake District.  You’d think I’d know the Lake District like the back of my hand having lived here all my life but no, there seems to be an endless number of nooks, crannies, lakes, mountains and valleys to explore. 


Cycling at Ennerdale in the Lake DistrictSo I took a deep breath of the Lake District fresh air and off Bruno and I set for Ennerdale lake. To those of us who live in the Lake District, Ennerdale is widely known as the Lake District’s loneliest valley.  Here there are still more sheep than people.  We followed the road till it stopped and then we got on our bikes and cycled away from the road and down a track along the side of the lake, and into the forest beyond.  Easy enough for a six year old and an almost-novice (me), but there also seemed to be lots of little paths that could be explored on a bike once we have a little experience behind us. 

So if you’re coming to stay in one of our Lake District cottages, consider bringing your bike up too (or hire one when you get here).  It’s a pet friendly way to give your dog plenty of exercise and I must admit, I saw a totally different Lake District to the one I’m used to when out walking or in the car.  Ennerdale is handy if you’re staying in our Ennerdale cottages, our Loweswater cottages, our Wasdale cottages and our Eskdale cottages.  That said, we came from Keswick and it only took us 40 minutes or so (and Cockermouth and Bassenthwaite are even nearer).