Autumn Watch in Haweswater


The summer has given way to autumn and the fells are a riot of colour at the moment. Autumn is a great time to watch the Cumbrian wildlife and Haweswater in particular is a brilliant location.

Haweswater is tucked away in the east, about 25 minutes south of Ullswater. Due to its remote nature and lack of visitors, wildlife has the opportunity to thrive in the rugged, sheltered valley.

Bird Wildlife in Lake District

The fells of Haweswater are tall and craggy, the perfect breeding ground for the more hardy breeds of bird including buzzards, peregrine Falcons and the single elusive golden eagle. At this time of year you can see large flocks of field fares but keep your eyes peeled for the much rarer ring ouzels that often sneak in.

Another popular sight is the peregrine fledglings. Found in the high craggy places, they will be swooping, diving and screeching, a really eerie sound in the otherwise silent valley.

Haweswater Golden Eagle

A really special spot is the enigmatic Golden Eagle. A sole male resides in the valley after his mate died a few years ago and he can be spotted from select locations at the head of the valley. It takes some patience to spot him but is oh so worth the wait!

Haweswater has its own herd of Red Deer. The majestic stags silhouetted against the skyline are a rare treat and difficult to capture on camera. The herd is fairly secretive, not straying far from the steep ground of Riggindale and it is worth the climb onto Rough Crag or High Street to watch them. Even more eerie is hearing the rutting stags when the mist is down!

Red Deer in Haweswater | Lake District

Haweswater is fairly remote, even from the east but we have plenty of Lake District cottages in Ullswater and the north east Lakes that have good access to Haweswater. Autumn is one of the best times to see the valley, so click here to view our last minute offers for Half Term and the rest of the autumn.