Langstrath and Black Moss Pot Swim-Walk


It was a record breaking Bank Holiday in the Lake District with temperatures reaching 23c, and staying dry for the entire three day break, something we have not seen for several years!

So I decided to enjoy a less than strenuous walk up the Langstrath Valley, where there is no mobile signal but miles of glorious views.

Langstrath Valley | Borrowdale

Anthony brought his underwater camera and I supplied the swimming goggles for a dip at Black Moss Pot, arguably the most famous swimming hole in Lakeland.

Black Moss Pot is about 2 miles up the valley and you can walk up on either side of the river, and then splash across upstream of the swimming hole. The main swimming hole is rather spacious, with tall craggy walls of rock surrounding it, and a thundering waterfall supplying the water. There were plenty of folk around enjoying the sun and several already in the water so we went down stream and slipped into the shallows of the river.

Black Moss Pot | View Through

Armed with goggles and the underwater camera, we enjoyed diving below the surface checking out the amazing rockery scenery. The water deepens quickly allowing us to swim up the river to the swimming hole, through an impressive chasm of rock. In the clear water upstream we saw brown trout but these were too fast for our camera!

Black Moss Pot | Lake District

Some brave folk were jumping in the main swimming hole from the rocks a few meters above. Black Moss is one of the few places were you can safely jump (if you are brave enough) from a height without worrying about rocks beneath the surface.

After an hour or so of bobbing around in the water and splashing under the powerful waterfall, we indulged in a spot of sunbathing on the grass bank.

Black Moss Pot | View Down

On the way back to the car we called into a tiny shop, well you can’t really call it a shop, it’s more of a doorway and serving hatch, but they do have a fridge full of cold drinks, homemade cake and gorgeous ice cream. We had one of each.

If you don't fancy a swim, Langstrath is a great walk. The scenery is green and craggy and it is one of the more peaceful and less visited valleys. For details of our Lake District cottages in the Borrowdale Valley click here.

Disclaimer: The water is cold! Be prepared for this. Don't jump off the high rocks without first taking a dip in the pool to suss out the depth. Activities like this are always best enjoyed with a friend so you can look out for each other in the water. Take a jumper and some food to warm up and refuel afterwards, even if the sun is shining!