7 Colourful Cottages


"Colour! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams." (Paul Gauguin)​​

Do you have a favourite colour? If you do, then we have the perfect cottage for you.  Here are seven different cottages decorated in seven different colours. Which is your favourite?  And interestingly, what does that say about you?

Let's hear it for having a bit of colour in our lives!


Haystacks in Braithwaite, Keswick


If you want to find someone who is reliable and trustworthy, who is sensitive to your needs, then find someone who likes the colour blue.  If that's you then you'll know that you have a deep need for peace and harmony, and where better to find it than right here, at Haystacks!  

Cooking and dining in this blue room, you'll find that any stresses you have will fade away, leaving a sense of calmness, relaxation and order in its place.  
Sleeps 6
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Charlotte Cottage in Keswick

Charlotte Cottage

If the green decor here at Charlotte Cottage really 'speak' to you, then you are a stable, practical, down-to-earth person, with a love of nature.  You are kind and compassionate... sometimes to a fault.  Relaxing on the sofas surrounded by the colour green will restore balance and harmony. Yes please!
Sleeps 4, one pet welcome
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The Old Joiners Shop in Eskdale

The Old Joiner's Shop

Oh yes, purple, the colour of imagination and spirituality.  If you are essentially purple, then you are compassionate, understanding and supportive.  Your feelings are deep and your allure is peaceful and tranquil.  
Which makes me think that The Old Joiner's Shop here would be a splendid place to write a book, or to get back to nature (the woods over the swinging bridge are wonderful), or to simply re-energise. 
Sleeps 6/8, 2 pets welcome
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Swinsty in Ullswater


If your favourite colour is orange, then it would seem that you are warm and flamboyant, good natured yet determined.  And you LOVE a social gathering and a long walk.  What better place, then, than Swinsty which is the perfect place for a group of you to get together.  
Orange is also the colour to help you bounce back from tricky times (or help others find happiness)!  It brings a spontaneity and positive outlook.  
Sleeps 9
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Little Barras near Kirkby Lonsdale

Little Barras

Yellow inspires original thought and curiosity! It is the colour of the mind and the colour of someone who has a happy disposition. According to the internet, if your favourite colour is yellow, then you're someone who is fun to be with and intelligent too!
So come and stay in a yellow house. Be inspired. Let your mind wander - who knows what you'll discover while you're here!
Sleeps 6, one pet welcome
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The Steading at Great Strickland

The Steading

Apparently, if you like red, then you are optimistic, courageous and confident! People are drawn to your enthusiasm and energy. You are an explorer of the world, someone who likes to discover new places.  
Maybe a break in a house of red is just what you need!  Great Strickland is in one of the secret areas of Cumbria, the places that locals know and love. The perfect spot to start your adventure!
Sleeps 4
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Gill Beck in Caldbeck

Gill Beck

Pink... the colour of unconditional love and nurturing.  And what better place to experience this than in a pink house!
If you're someone who loves the colour pink, then you are a loving, approachable and generous person.  People are drawn to you, you see the good in everyone. 
It's the colour of innocence and simplicity.  And here's where you'll find it!

Sleeps 5
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