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Here Comes Santa!

7th December 2009

You may think of Lapland and department stores when it comes to small children and Santa, but when you look at the snow-capped mountains in the Lake District, it becomes entirely believable that Sa

Biggest Liar

3rd November 2009

Britain’s Wackiest Festival Britain’s Wackiest Festival?

Up, up and away!

15th October 2009

Rob and I recently had a fantastic experience.

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!

30th September 2009

It seems that one minute you’re eating ice cream and trying to keep your flip-flops on, and the next, the leaves are turning, the hedgerows are ripe with berries and the first wood smoke is spotted

Sheep are more entertaining than you think…

7th July 2009

One of the joys of motherhood is permission to watch fab shows like ‘Shaun the Sheep’. Dear Shaun, if you don’t know him, is the plasticene lamb from Wallace & Gromit, now with his own TV programme aimed at toddlers, infants and sheep fans everywhere.

This week, our intrepid hero faced the challenge of Sports Day with a number of other farm animals. This got me thinking about the assumption that all sheep, except plasticene ones, are boring fluff balls which stand around in fields doing nothing.

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