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Move over Glastonbury…

23rd April 2009

Festival season in Keswick is here! There are so many things to do over the next few weeks that it’s going to take some organisation to make sure we make the most of it.

The first, and my favourite, is the 18h annual Keswick Jazz Festival from Wednesday 6th – Sunday 10th May. Hosted by the Theatre by the Lake, the festival has 100 – yes, 100 – different events, and includes jazz classics, New Orleans-style, 1920’s authentics, jive and swing.

Grange in Borrowdale

7th April 2009

Every time I go down Borrowdale, I’m amazed by the view as you drive though the creatively-named ‘Jaws’ at the head of the valley, just south of Keswick. The valley is so narrow at this point that the crags either side seem enormous, and it’s extremely easy to imagine our Cumbrian ancestors watching the coming and goings in the valley from their fort at the top of Castle Crag.

Lambing time is here!

11th March 2009

I seem to have been talking about snow for ages – but then, they do tell us that this is the coldest winter for decades!

Online with bookings

4th February 2009

Hooray. We’ve now gone fully live with our online bookings - we would like to thank Jeff from Hydrant for making it all possible (and for being so patient with us). Being techno-dinosaurs we’re still very happy for you to call and make your booking but we’re very excited about this next step and I hope you will find it useful. If you have any feedback about the process, or tips for improvement, then just let us know.

Happy New Year

11th January 2009

What an amazing spell of weather we’re having at the moment. High pressure sitting over us has brought crisp, clear days and frosty nights.


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