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Flapjacks from Letterbox Bakes in Cumbria

Cake in the Post with Letterbox Bakes


Picture the scene: you're sitting at home and you hear the rattle of your letterbox.

Buttermere in the Lake District

7 Favourite Buttermere Walks


Buttermere is a tiny Lake District lake tucked between tall peaks that provide some of the best scenery in the

Climbers in the Lake District

10 Amazing Outdoor Climbing Locations in the Lake District


The Lake District is the undisputed birthplace of climbing in the UK, particularly the region of Wasdale.

Sailing on Coniston in the Lake District

Cottages Close to Boating & Watersport Facilities


The lakes, the rivers and even the sea!

View of Windermere from Gummer's How in the Lake District

An Easy Walk Up Gummer's How


Gummer’s How is tucked right down at the bottom end of Windermere.